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Adventure Drama Romance 90328300852 (1)
Algiers (DVD 1938)
Based on the 1937 adaptation of Roger D'Ashelbe's popular French novel PEPE LE MOKOA a French theif hides out in the Casbah in Algiers where he meets and falls for a beautiful Parisian woman. Stars Charles Boyer and Hedy Lamarr. (Black & White) $4.95 $3.95    
Classic Western Adventure 90328300715
Apache Rose (DVD 1947)
The King of the Cowboys Roy Rogers and Dale Evans star in this Western tale of a ranchers fight over oil rights. $4.95 $3.95    
Classic Adventure 90328900564
Call  of the Wild (DVD, 1972)
Academy Award winner Charlton Heston stars in this Jack London Adventure as John Thorton, a fearless Mailman with his heroic dog Buck at his side finds a way to travel the icy, dangerously deadly 600 miles between Skagway and Dawson Alaska. $4.95 $3.95    
Music Video 15095231727 (1)
Country Music Collection (DVD 1999)
1. Dan Seals - "I really like to see you tonight" 2. Holly Dunn - "I am who I am" 3. Joe Nichols - "Six of one, half a dozen of the other" 4. Earl Thomas Conley - "Scared money never wins" 5. Michael Johnson with Alison Krause - "Whenever I call a friend " 6. Crystal Bernard - "State of Mind" 7. T. Graham Brown - "Wine into Water" 8. Eddy Raven - "Rip rap road" 9. Crystal Gayle - "Someday" 10. Ronnie McDowell - "Love me tender" 11. Ronna Reeves - "The rodeo man" 12. Johnny Rodriquez - "Run for the border" 13 Highway 101 - "It must be love" 14. Jo El Sonnier - "Broken hearted side of New Orleans" 15. Baillie & the Boys - "the God's honest truth" $4.95 $3.95    
Drama    90328902186 (1)
Divorce His, Divorce Hers (DVD 1973)
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton brilliantly star in this two-sided tale of the breakup of an eighteen year marriage, as seen from the points of view of both the husband and the wife. $4.95 $3.95    
Video Biography 1200206001 (1)
Elvis - The King in Hollywood (DVD, 2002)
"The King in Hollywood" tells the story the story of Elvis' career in the movies. It contains clips from many of his 31 dramatic films, along with commentary extensive biographical information. Audio is provided in English and Spanish. Two live performances are included. (Black & White) $4.95 $3.95    
Video Biography 82554368829 (1)
Elvis - The King in Hollywood (DVD, 2002)
"The King in Hollywood" tells the story the story of Elvis' career in the movies. It contains clips from many of his 31 dramatic films, along with commentary extensive biographical information. Audio is provided in English and Spanish. Two live performances are included.  Remastered to AC-3 Dolby Digital for Surround Sound. (Black & White) $4.95 $3.95    
Classic Comedy 90328901837 (3)
FATHER'S Little Dividend (DVD, 1951)
Sequel to "Father of the Bride". Staring Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy as the expectant Grandfather. Directed by Vincent Minnelli. $4.95 $3.95    
Drama   90328902353 (1)
Firehouse (DVD 1972)
Richard Roundtree gives an emotional performance as a dedicated black firefighter, who is a fish out of water in an all white firehouse. Some how through sheer hard work and courage, he is able to overcome racial prejudice and hatred, and ern the respect and friendship of other men. $4.95 $3.95    
Classic Adventure  Sci-Fi Serial 90328301439 (1)
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Vol. II (DVD 1940)
Contains 6 Action Packed-Classic Episodes staring Buster Grabbe - 1. "The Land of the Dead" 2. "Captured by the Rock Men" 3. "Attack on Ming's Palace" 4. "Ming's Bombers" 5. "To Rescue Dale and Princess Aura" 6. Ming is no More…The world is Safe" (Black & White) $4.95 $3.95    
Sci-Fi      90328300203 (1)
Godzilla vs. Negalon (DVD,1973)
A space age monster insect takes on Godzilla who is out to save the human race.  Witness this clash  of the mighty titans as these superpowers duke it out. $4.95 $3.95    
Children Family Adventure 82554360823 (2)
Lassie The Painted Hills (DVD,1951)
Starring Lassie, The Painted  Hills is based on the novel Shep of the Painted Hills by Alexandere Hull. A gold prospector thinks he has found a very valuable vein of gold. Greed paves the way to a dramatic conclusion when the villain comes face to face with the prospector's dog. $4.95 $3.95    
Classic Comedy 90328901059 (2)
Madigan's Millions (DVD 1968)
Dustin Hoffman stars in his first film as a bumbling IRS agent after gangster Cesar Romero back taxes. $4.95 $3.95    
Comedy Drama 90328903015 (2)
Meet John Doe (DVD,1941)
Gary Cooper is at his low-key best as a naïve homeless man whose declaration to kill himself to protest world conditions, causes a media frenzy and unwanted celebrity status, along with some life affirming moments. Region Free black & white with Interactive menus. Also Barbra Stanwyck, Water Brennan & Edward Arnold. Directed by Frank Capra. $4.95 $3.95    
Music Video 692865513025 (2)
Nickelback - Unauthorized (DVD, 2002)
The fresh sounds of Nickelback have been a long time coming and with the help of endless touring., this authentically Canadian band has finally hit the big time. The guys have their demons, but they emerge through their music and in your face lyrics rather than through a litany of wrecked hotel rooms. $4.95 $3.95    
Classic Annimated Fariy Tale 717951005793 (on order)
Pinocchio (DVD, 1940) 
The wish of a kindly woodcarver comes true when a puppet he created comes to life. Based on a story written by Collodi in the 1800's. Disney's second full-length animated feature is a true family classic. Academy Awards: 2, Best Original Score, Best Song ("When You Wish Upon a Star"). $20.00 $3.95    
Classic Western Adventure 90328300715 (1)
Rage at Dawn (DVD 1955)
Forrest Tucker and Randolph Scott star in this classic Western tale about the lawman who is sent to infiltrate the terrorizing Reno Brothers gang.  $4.95 $3.95    
 Musical Comedy Drama Romance 90328901073 (2)
Royal Wedding (DVD,1951)
Stage Stars Tom (Fred Astaire) and Ellen (Jane Powell) Bowen embark to open their show in England. Also stars Peter Lawford and Keenan Wynn. Written by Alan Jay Lerner. $4.95 $3.95    
Adventure Family Fantasy 18713813923 (2)
Tales from The Neverending Story - The Gift(DVD,2002)
The quest to save the land of Fantasia continues. Join our young heroes as they cross worlds to battle the fearsome Nothing using their wits, courage and above all …the power of the imagination! $4.95 $3.95    
Adventure Drama Romance 90328903572 (1)
The Big Lift (DVD 1950)
Post-WWII Berlin and the Berlin Airlift serves as the backdrop for an American GI who falls in love with an attractive German war widow. Stars Montgomery Cliff and Paul Douglas. $4.95 $3.95    
Comedy 90328902377 (1)
The Fat Spy(DVD,1965)
Off the coast of Florida, a nearly deserted island is rumored to have  the fountain of youth. A boatload of teenagers are headed there for scavenger hunt. Wellington , the island's wealthy owner, is none too happy about that, so he sends his daughter, Junior (Jayne Mansfield, Law & Order SVU Mariska Hargitay's mother) Also starring Phyllis Diller, Jack E. Leonard and Brian Donlevy. $4.95 $3.95    
Video Biography 90328900793 (1)
The James Dean Story (DVD 1957)
Director/Producer gives us a look at the late James Dean's life. Includes never-before-seen outakes from "East of Eden" and rare footage from the Hollywood premiere of "Giant".  Other stars featured include Clark Cable,Dennis Hopper, Rock Hudson, Clint Walker and Natalie Wood. $4.95 $3.95    
British Comedy Drama  90328900205 (3)
The Lady & The Highwayman (DVD, 1989)
Set in Old England  Robin Hood like highwayman falls for one of his aristocratic victims. He must choose between love and being a rogue. Starring Hugh Grant and Emma Samms $4.95 $3.95    
Romance Drama 90328900075 (2)
The Last Time I Saw Paris (DVD, 1954)
Van Johnson and Elizabeth Taylor star in F. Scott Fitzgerald's tragic love story of a G.I. with literary ambitions, falling victim to the bottle, after his first novel is poorly received. She attempts to console him, but he is bent on self-destruction. $4.95 $3.95    
Documentary 22891101291 (2)
The Phandom Menace (DVD 2000)
Follow the lives of Australia's most passionate Sar Wars fans as the moment they waited 16 years for  ( EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE) is suddenly upon them. See the amazing costumes, triva soaked brains, vast collections and unconditional dedication that makes these fans a breed apart. $4.95 $3.95    
Classic Adventure Drama Romance 9032800622 (3)
The Snows of Kilimanjaro (DVD,1952)
Based on Ernest Hemingway's short story where Gregory Peck stars as a writer named Harry Street. During a safari in Africa, he pricks his leg on a poisonous thorn and falls seriously ill. Susan Hayward , his wealthy wife, who is by his side, cares for him in every way to keep him alive. While suffering fever, Harry reflects on his fulfilled life. The thought of his past love with Ava Gardner and the circumstances that separated them are all part of his recollections. An unforgettable evergreen love, classic, that has sustained the test of time. Directed by Darryl F. Zanuck. $4.95 $3.95    
Classic Comedy 90328901196 (2)
The Three Stooges 4 Shorts (DVD various)
3 1/2 hours of slap stick fun in four classic shorts; Disorder in the Court, Brideless Groom, Sing a Song of Six Pants, and Malice in the Palace. $4.95 $3.95    
Musical 90328900489 (1)
This is the Army (DVD 1943)
Based on a Musical by Irving Berlin with an all-star cast is the story of a Broadway performers put together a show to entertain our servicemen. Stars Ronald Regan, George Murphy and Joan Leslie with guest appearances by Joe Louis, Kate Smith and Irving Berln. $4.95 $3.95    
Action Adventure 90328902520 (2)
Velocity (DVD 1960)
Stars Jack Nicholson who calls himself "the number one stud" gets in trouble with the law, hot cars, alcohol and the "good girl". $4.95 $3.95    
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